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We offer you quality and safe transportation of different types of cargo in Slovenia and around the Europe.

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We are available for lifting and loading of different types of cargo and assistance throughout different constructions. Our capacities give us the freedom of executing project of various sizes.

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Our strong and efficient MAN vehicles are operating all year around and have high-capacity bearings. Meanwhile our FASSI carnes can reach up to 28m in distance.

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Any destination you need

Our base is Slovenia, but in accordance with your needs we execute transport, lifting services or construction assistance elsewhere around the Europe.

100% guaranteed

Quality and safe transport

Safe and on time delivery of your goods is our primary concern. With highly modernised vehicles we are confident we can do it.

Cargo weight & measurements

High-capacity vehicles

Capacity of bearing of our vehicles is very high, while measurements of loading can be up to 610×240 LxW. However height can be different.

Lifting capabilities

Capabilities of our cranes

We offer lifting and loading of different cargo with following rang limitations: from max. mass of 9500kg on distance of 4m to max. mass of 380kg on distance of 28m.


Nowdays transportation can no longer exist without some kind of lifting, we offer you combined services with our vehichles, which are all modified with top lifting machines Fassi.


Our vehicle fleet consist of 3 strong and efficient MAN trucks equipped with quality FASSI cranes.